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Suggest not to have two work items with only Work Item Type different and all the other data exactly the same



1. Launch Agent Builder, go to Failure Library, Failure Editor

2. Select an empty Equipment Set and click New Failure button in the ribbon

3. Enter a name into Title, and click OK button --->The Work Item Type is WorkOrder by default

4. Click Export button, enter a name for the CSV file, click Save button

5. Open the CSV file from step 4, manually change the data from TRUE to FALSE under Is Order column, save the file

6. Click Import Work Items button in the ribbon, navigate to the file from step 5, click Import


Actual result: There are 2 work items with only Work Item Type different as the snapshot show below.


The potential issue is that the work ID is not unique, both of the customer and system might get confused.


The suggestion are:

Scenario 1: The work item will be replaced when re-import, and warning dialog popup indicating that there is a record of XXX(Work ID) exist already, do you want to replace it.

Scenario 2:  Keep it as 2 work items, but change the Work ID as XXX_copy (or a way show the relationship of these two work items but in different name).

Scenario 3: Keep it as 2 work items with the same Work ID, but only allow one of them check the Is Failure box.

  • Zhen Zeng
  • Nov 10 2017
  • Closed
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  • Admin
    Vivek Shah commented
    August 15, 2018 20:07

    This is a product defect: Work (Item) IDs should be unique. Defect filed Defect 347129